Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

Firstly, check that the colour mode is set to CMYK and that the artwork has the required bleed. Please ensure that you provide us with your artwork in PDF format at a resolution of 300 dpi. Make sure that your document is set to the correct size depending on what you are printing. All fonts must be converted to outlines.


What file types do you accept?

We accept a variety of different formats such as PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF and PNG.

If you are sending us artwork with a mix of graphics and photography, please provide us with a print ready PDF. If you are sending any Photography, please ensure it is as high resolution as possible.

If you are sending over an EPS, please ensure that all the fonts are outlined.


Do you accept Microsoft Word files?

Unfortunately Microsoft Word is not a print ready format, whilst it is fine for printing on a desktop printer, text and images can often appear very different when opened on other computers.

More modern versions of Microsoft Word can save files as PDF, a far more consistent file type. In order to do this, click file and then save as PDF. If there is no option on your particular version, there is an online tool that will convert your Word file for free Please be sure to check the converted file thoroughly as elements of your design may move or change.


What are Trim, Bleeds and Safe Margins?

The Trim lines help indicate where the product is cut down to the desired size and refers to the end of the paper or finished size of a product.

The Bleed is the area to be trimmed and ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document.

The Safe Margin is the area between the text and graphics that are not meant to be trimmed.


Do you have any templates to use as a guide when designing?

We have a range of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign templates that can be found under each product.


Do you print in RGB or CMYK?

We print in CMYK. When providing artwork, the colour needs to be set as CMYK not RGB (RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK, as this could affect your colours).

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